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This Weeks Schedule

Monday-Wednesday normal Hours

Thursday- 9:00am only

Friday- 9:00am only

Saturday- 9:15am

Monday 111918

15 Minutes of

Muscle Up and Gymnastic Practice




Deadlift (255/155)

Lateral Barbell Burpees

Tuesday 112018

Empty Barbell Tech Work


Even: Deadlift + High Hang Power Clean + High Hang Squat Clean

Odd: Deadlift + Power Clean right below knee + Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean

For Time


Hang Squat Clean (185/125)-(115/75)

Run 200m after each set

Wednesday 112118

Skill/Extended Warm up

Minute 1- Single Under

Minute 2- Jumping Jacks

Minute 3- Jumping Lunges

Minute 4- Dub Practice (Jump tap tap, Jump tap tap)

Following this 4-5 Minutes of Dub Practice

3 Rounds

2 Sets

20/15 Cal Row

20 DB Push Press

50 Dubs

2:00 Rest

Thursday 112218 Thanksgiving!!! (9:00am)

Lumberjack 20

Friday 112318 (9:00am)

Today is going to be a very beginner friendly workout so if you have family that is traveling in for the holiday weekend, please feel free to bring them! We will take great care of them!

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