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Turn The Volume Up 

5 Rounds

10 Back Squat 50-55%

15/12 Cal Bike

10 Unbroken Hang Power Clean 135/95

Rest 2min


1:00 Cal Bike

10 DB(2) Hang Power Clean


RX+: 165/115



Skill WRK

16min EMOM

- Max Kip Swings

- Max Alt Toe to target/ Sl T2B/ Kipping Knee Raise

- Max Toe to Bar




If you can not do T2B you can still get better at them through this EMOM. Just set it up for your min 3 to be what you can do or what you would like to do. For example.

- max anchored leg lifts/ sit-ups / v-ups

- max kip swings/ Hollow rocks/ Banded lat pulls

- max knee raises/toe to target/strict knee raises


*Do not go to failure during the EMOM this is just for practice

Casual Cardio 

Choose one of the following:


1 Mile Run


100/80 Cal Echo Bike / 140/120 Cal C2 Bike


2k Row

Pace should be casual, something you could hold a conversation with but stay consistent meaning don't slow down or speed up. Feel free to adjust the distances as necessary.



15min EMOM

1 Clean (Power or Squat)

Start 60-65% and build.

Don't exceed 90%

Explosive WRK  

4-5 Steady Rounds

5 Seated Box Jumps

12 DB Hip Thruster

6/6 Single Leg Step Up



Hi Friend! 

18min AMRAP w/ Partner

800 Run (split)

40/30 Cal Bike

200m Farmers Carry (Walk together, switch weights whenever)

40/30 Cal Ski

Just moooooovvvve!

Structured Stretching Vol. 9 (No Measure)

1.) 1:00/ per side Hamstring Strecth w/ band

2.) 1:00/ per side Banded pigeon stretch

3.) 1:00/ per side Lacross Ball on trap stretch

4.) 2:00 Foam Roll Low Back




Come cheer on your teammate on Friday at 6:30 pm!


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