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"The Act of living up to one's full potential"

Our mission arises from the question why?  "Why are we doing this?"  The answer is simple.  At Arete Training Grounds we are very passionate about fitness and about helping members of the community overcome obstacles that at one time, seemed impossible, both mentally and physically.  Nothing is more rewarding than helping you succeed!


What we offer- When you enter ATG you will find a humble, friendly and welcoming environment.  You may be surprised that we don't have any machines.  What you will find is a pull up rig, barbells, kettlebells, plyo boxes and medicine balls.  Now you're wondering what you're going do with that equipment.  Save your sweat.  You may need it.  We have that covered for you also.  We will program different workouts that every class will follow each day. Workouts will consist of a variation of body weight movements, olympic weight lifting, and cardio conditioning. 

Who are our members- Our members range from individuals who have recently made a lifestyle change to the elite athlete who is striving to become stronger and faster within their chosen sport. We embrace those who are looking for a group that encourages and motivates each other to train daily, meet goals and set personal records.  Through sharing a common goal, your family here at Arete Training Grounds will direct you on the path to reaching your full potential.

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