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Front Squat

Week 3/5 Set 1-2: 3 Reps 83% Set 3-4: 2 Reps 87% Set 5-6: 2 Reps 90-92%

Any Other Day (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps) 8min AMRAP 16 Wall Ball 20/14 14 Alt DB Snatch 35/20 12 Box Jump 24/20 RX+: 30/20 50/35


Independence Day (Time)


4 Rounds for Time w/ a Partner 400m Run

24 Toe to Bar

24 Double DB Hang Clean and Jerks

24 Double DB Front Squats

24 Hand Release Push-Ups

24 Cal Row/Bike

24 Air Squats


Low Vow Upper Flow (No Measure)

30min EMOM - 12 DB Bench Press - 6-12 Strict Pull-Up - 12 Seated Arnold's Press (Legs Straight) - 14 Alt KB(2) Gorilla Row - 10-15 KB/DB Hollow Hold Pull Over

No measure day slash pump day! You might be feeling some type of way after the the 4th of July so let decide on how heavy you get on these movements. There should be 20sec rest or more before each round, if not go lighter. The intensity today is based on volume.


Unpopular Opinion (Time)

4 Rounds For Time 800-600-400-200m Run 70 Double Under 20/16 Cal Row 20 V-Ups 30min Time Cap Fitness: 100 Jump Rope/Single Under


Power Clean

Every 90sec x 6 3 Touch and Go Power Cleans Start around 60% and build as you see fit.

Save the Drama (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps) 10min AMRAP 5 Clean 155/105 15 Push Up 15 Pull Up Fitness: 10 DB(2) Power Clean 15 Knee Push Up 15 DB(2) Bent Over Row RX+: 5 Clean 185/125 10 Strict HSPU 7 BMU


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