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Ride and Thrive (Weight) Every 3min x 5 14/10 Cal Bike 10 DB Bench Press 50/35 *No rest from Bike to Bench* RX+: 18/14 Cal Bike 70/50

This interval should almost look like an EMOM. About 1min Rest before the next round. If this is not happening, adjust the weight of the Bench Press before lowering the Cals on the Bike.

Brad Pitt (Time) For time 5 Rounds of 12 DB Deadlift 35/20 9 DB Hang Clean 6 DB STOH --- Straight Into--- 20 Burpee Box Jump Over 24/20 400m Run 14min Cap RX+: 50/35


Front Squat Week 2/5 6x3 Set 1-2: 75% Set 3-4: 80% Set 5-6: 85% 3 Working weights Same sets and reps as last week but with a 5% increase. If last week was a bit too much, try those numbers again, or only go up 2-3%.

Quad Pop (No Measure) 12min AMRAP 8/8 DB(2) Split Squat 50ft Walking Lunge (Weight Optional) 30sec Wall Sit (Plate Hold Optional) 10-15 Bird Dogs


Frame Work (No Measure) 12min EMOM - 20sec Max T2B Or Knee Raises - 30sec Max Hand Stand Hold Or DB OH Hold - 30sec Max Double Under Or Double Under Practice

Power Clean

12min EMOM 1 Power Clean Start at 55-60% and build


Shake and Bake 2

14 Rounds For Time w/ Partner "You Go, I Go" 12 Wall Balls 16/14 Cal Row/Bike (Alternate) 1 Rope Climb 30min Cap Fitness: 12/10 Cal 6 Ring Row **The workout is 7 rounds each, 14 total**


Squat Snatch Every 2min x 6 50 Double Under 3 Squat Snatch 70-75%

1 working weight Fitness: 100 Single Under 8 Goblet Squat

Hot Tuna (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps) 7min AMRAP 7 Thruster 115/80 14 Pull Up Fitness: 10 DB(2) Thruster 14 Jumping Pull Up RX+: 155/105 C2B


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