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Monday 041221

For Time:

400m Run

500/400m Row

800m Run

30/21 Cal Bike

200m Run

* 20 Min time cap

5 Rounds For Quality:

8 Bench Press

8 Strict Pull-Ups

Tuesday 041321

Back Squat

2x8 Reps @50%

*Rest as needed bt sets, these should be treated as warm-up sets, move well and fast


1x5 Reps @80%

6 Rounds For Time:

10/8 Bike Cals

9 Hang Power Cleans @155/105lbs

6 Shoulder to overhead @155/105lbs

Rest 1:00 bt rounds

Wednesday 041421


4x4 @78% of 1RM

*Rest as needed bt sets, go a bit heavier than 5’s last week

For Time:

200m Run

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Muscle Ups

*20:00 Time Cap

Thursday 041521

4 Rounds For Time:

800m Run

20 KB Swings @70/53lbs

20/15 Cal row

Rest 2:00 bt sets

*40:00 Time Cap

Friday 041621

Quarterfinals TEST 4

4 RM Front Squat

*20:00 cap

**Twenty minutes to find a heavy 4 rep front squat!

Quarterfinals TEST 3

3 Rounds For Time:


10 Hang Power Cleans @50/35lbs

50 DUs

Rest 1:00

3 Rounds For Time:

10 Kipping HSPUs

10 DB STOH @50/35lbs

50 DUs


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