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We have some exciting news!!! Starting next Monday 03-30-2020 we will be hosting an at home competition. How do I sign up? Congratulations paying members you are already signed up. YEAH BUDDY!! Who is on my team? Your team consist of the groups we have already placed you all in. Your personal coach is your Team Captain. What are the WODs? You guys will be receiving those daily from your coaches and they will be posted on our website. How will each team get scored? When you complete the workout all you have to do is notify your Coach. You do not have to send your coach your score. Each team score will be based on the percentage of teammates that complete the WODs. Don't let your teammates down! What if I have a home gym and I am not doing the exact same workout as everyone else. That is completely ok, still contact your coach and let them know you completed a workout for that day. Tie breaker? Right now is a great time to develop healthy habits. With that said each team can receive additional points for each member that drinks 1/2 gallon (64oz) of water per day! Again all you have to do is notify your coach. How long will the competition take place? It will start 03-30-2020 and it will go on until 04-10-2020 Monday-Friday for both weeks. What does the winning team get besides a rocking body and having to pee every 30 minutes? A custom designed ATG Quaranteams Champion T-shirt and bragging rights.

This week we have added a few kid friendly workouts! Enjoy! FAMILY WOD 1

Family Workout

3 Rounds

15 Jumping Jacks

15 Air Squats

15 Push Ups

15 High Knees

15 Supermans

*Key is one person goes through it at a time! When everyone has made it through play rock paper scissors to find out who starts each round!

So you will have to play before every round! Hope you're good, or you could be going back to back on a round!


Family Workout!

Roll of The Dice

All you need is a pair of dice to workout! Dice must be rolled at least 10 times for the total workout! Can go further if you and your family want!

The sum of the two dice is what you do!

Roll a 2 - 200 Jumping Jacks

Roll a 3 - 30 Lunges (15 Each Side)

Roll a 4 - 30 High Knees (15 Each Side)

Roll a 5 - 15 Push Ups

Roll a 6 - 25 Sit Ups

Roll a 7 - 30 Air Squats

Roll an 8 - 40 Mtn Climbers (20 per side)

Roll a 9 - 20 Tuck Jumps

Roll a 10 - 100 Jumps over line (find a line in the concrete)

Roll a 11 - 30 Butt Kicks (15 Per Side)

Roll a 12 - 10 Burpees

Roll a

Saturday 040420

Hero Workout

AMRAP in 22 minutes of:

20 sit-ups 20 burpees 400M run * If you have a weight vest or body armor, wear it.

* Partner A completes as many reps as possible of 20 sit-ups and 20 burpees while partner B runs 400M. When partner B returns from the run, partners will switch roles with B picking up the couplet where partner A left off. Continue in this fashion for 22 minutes alternating who is running and who is working on the couplet.

Natalie Corona, 22, was shot and killed after responding to a car crash in downtown Davis and died at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento on January 10th, 2019. Natalie started as a Davis community officer in 2016 and graduated the Sacramento Police Academy in the summer of 2018. Natalie Corona wore badge number 224 in her time with the Davis Police Department and is survived by her parents.

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