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Monday 032320

Strength Plate thrusters 4x10 5th set ME (Max Effort) Workout AMRAPx 12 As Many Rounds As Possible 12 Front Rack Lunges 10 Tuck Ups 8 Thrusters with Plate Tuesday 032320 Strength 3 X 10-20 1 X ME (Max Effort) Workout 4 Rounds 15 Burpees to a Plate 20 DB/KB snatches/Slam Balls/ or MB Cleans 25 Bent Over Rows w/ plate Wednesday 032520 Midline Plank Hold Accumulate 3:00 2X30 Sit ups Workout 21-15-9 Burpees Jumping Air Squats Rest 3:00 9-15-21 Burpees Jumping Air Squats Thursday 032620

Tempo (Slow) Deadlift 8-10-12-8-10-12 Workout 2 Rounds 30 Deadlifts 400m run 10 G2O (Ground to overhead) with plate *For Deadlifts use KB/DB/WallBall/SlamBall Friday 032720



Up Down + Tuck Jump

Backpack Push Press

Back Pack front squat

Optional Finisher

2-3 Sets

8 Bent Over Rows (if you have one DB or KB 16-8 Each Side) 8 Calf Raises on elevated Surface

:45 Tuck Hold

*Fast Pul Up Slow decent on Bent Over Rows

Saturday 032820

Workout 15-12-9 V-UPS Back Pack SDLHP (Sumo Deadlift High Pull) Backpack (thrusters) Rest 1:00 15-12-9 V-UPS Back Pack SDLHP (Sumo Deadlift High Pull) Backpack (thrusters) 14:00 or less!!

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