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Monday 030820 Workout SKILL EMOM x 8 MINUTES MIN 1 - 1-2 Strict Muscle-Up or 5-7 Strict Pull-Up MIN 2 - 5-7 Tall Box Jumps* *Athlete Choice on height. Two-foot take off with no step into the jump. Mandatory step-down. WORKOUT 4 ROUNDS FOR TIME 5 Deadlift (AHAP)* 7 Ring Muscle-Ups or Burpee Pull-Ups 21 Box Jump (24/20) *Ideal DL weight should force at least 1-2 breaks per set of 5 reps. You should not be able to do (5) unbroken pulls on any set!!! Tuesday 030920 Workout PARTNER WORKOUT IN TEAMS OF 2... FOR TIME* 100-80-60-40-20 Cal Bike 50-40-30-20-10 “Syncro” Walking Lunges *On the bike, P1 works while P2 rests and partners switch as needed. On the Lunges, partners perform lunges at the same time and syncro. Each partner completes 50-40-30-20-10 while working at the same time. **While on the Bike portion, the resting partner must hold (1) KB (53/35)|(35/26) in the Front Rack hold (L or R side). The Bell must be passed between partners at the switch and may never go to the ground until each set of the bike is completed. The Bell remains on the ground while the partners lunge. ***Option for teams to choose “Syncro Wall Balls” (20/14)|(14/10) with 40-35-25-20-15 rep scheme. Both partners complete WB in sync until the number is reached. OPTIONAL FINISHER 3 SETS 20 Quad Heel Touches 20 Hollow Rocks -Rest as Needed b/t Sets- Wednesday 031020 Workout STRENGTH FOR LOAD 10RM Front Squat (Score is Load) WORKOUT AMRAP x 9 MINUTES 9 Overhead Squat (95/65)|(65/45)* 9 Up-Downs 9 Knee 2 Elbow *Option to perform barbell Front Squat if needed. (Score is Rounds + Reps) COOL DOWN FOR RECOVERY 3:00 Barbell Smash (Traps) 3:00 Foam Rolling (Quads & IT Bands) Thursday 031120 Workout WORKOUT ON A 3:00 RUNNING CLOCK... 20 Push-up 30 Russian KB Swing (70/53)|(53/35) 75 Double Under -Rest 1:30- ON A 5:00 RUNNING CLOCK… 40 Push-up 50 Russian KB Swing 100 Double Under -Rest 1:30- ON A 7:00 RUNNING CLOCK… 60 Push-up 70 Russian KB Swing 125 Double Under *In each set, work until the clock expires or the work is completed. If the work is completed, rest the remainder. Add :01 for every rep not completed to the total time. (Score is Time Each Set) Friday 031220

Workout SKILL 3 SETS 50' HS Walk or Quad Crawl 20 Slow Deadbugs -Rest as Needed b/t Sets- WORKOUT E4MOM x 16 MINUTES MIN 1-4 - Run 800m MIN 5-8 - AMRAP of… 3 Wall Walk 15 Slam Balls (30/20)|(20/10) -Rest 4:00- E2MOM x 10 MINUTES MIN 1-2 - Run 200m MIN 3-4 - AMRAP of… 2 DB Up-Down (50/35)|(35/20) 4 DB Box Step-Ups (24/20) (Score is Combined Rounds + Reps)

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