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Monday 030220 Workout WORKOUT "DOUBLE AMRAP" AMRAP x 8 MINUTES 12/10 Cal Row 10 HSPU 10 Renegade Rows (35/20)|(20/10)* -Rest 2:00- AMRAP x 8 MINUTES 12/10 Cal Row 10 HSPU 10 Renegade Rows (35/20)|(20/10)* *Renegade Row = Row L + Row R + Push-Up (Score is Rounds + Reps) COOL DOWN FOR RECOVERY 1:00 Child's Pose 1:00 Saddle + Arm Cross (R) 1:00 Saddle + Arm Cross (L) 1:00 Child's Pose 1:00 Rebound Recovery Tuesday 030320 Workout STRENGTH FOR LOAD 10RM Back Squat (Score is Load) WORKOUT 4 ROUNDS FOR TIME 75 Double Unders 15 Hang Squat Clean (95/65)|(65/45) -11:00 Hard Cap- Wednesday 030420 Workout SKILL ON A 10:00 RUNNING CLOCK... Practice Strict Ring Muscle-Up Skill or Strict False Grip Ring Row WORKOUT E2MOM x 20 MINUTES MIN 1 & 2 - 400m Run MIN 3 & 4 - 15 Burpees Then Max Muscle-Ups or Strict Pull-ups* *Muscle-Ups can be ring or bar & strict or kipping. For Pull-Ups, focus on strict pull development. (Score is Reps) Thursday 030520 Workout WORKOUT 5 SETS 20/15 Cal Bike 25 Russian KB Swing (70/53)|(53/35) 20 Box Step-Ups (24/20)* -Rest 2:00 b/t Sets- *No jump. Fast as possible step-up and down with full extension at the top. Vest or plate optional. (Score is Each Set for Time) FINISHER 3 SETS 30 Weighted Sit-Ups* *Hold single DB across chest. Do not let the DB roll down the body. Feet can be anchored if desired. Friday 030620 Workout EXTENDED WARM-UP ON A 10:00 RUNNING CLOCK... Build Quickly to Heavy Single Power Clean & Jerk* *Building should take you up to or past your weight in the workout. BENCHMARK WORKOUT "THE CALI BEAR" EVERY :30 FOR 20 MINUTES 1 Power Clean & Jerk (225/155)|(155/105) *Beginners should scale weight to a moderate load and perform 2-3 reps on the minute, resting as needed to ensure proper mechanics. *Last seen on 11/22/19 (Score is Load) COOL DOWN FOR RECOVERY 3:00 Slow Bike, Run or Walk 3:00 Foam Rolling Lats & Shoulders

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