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Monday 012720 Workout SKILL ON A 10:00 RUNNING CLOCK... Slowly Drill and then Practice Low Ring Transitions or Jumping Transitions for Ring Muscle-Up (No Measure) NEW CLASSIC WORKOUT* "UPPERCUT" ON A 12:00 RUNNING CLOCK... 20 Ring Muscle-Ups Then in the remaining time... 2 ROUNDS 7 Power Cleans (135/95)|(95/65) 7 Lateral Burpees Over Bar into... 2 ROUNDS 5 Power Cleans (155/105)|(115/75) 7 Lateral Burpees Over Bar into... AMRAP in remaining time of... 3 Power Cleans (185/125)|(135/95) 7 Lateral Burpees Over Bar No other rep or weight changes in workout. Tuesday 012820 Workout STRENGTH 3-3-3-3-3 Back Squat* *Start moderate and build to heaviest set of 3. (Score is Weight) WORKOUT 3 ROUNDS FOR TIME 13 Back Squats (155/105)|(115/75)* 350/300 Row *Squat can come from ground or rack. (Score is Time) OPTIONAL COOL DOWN FOR RECOVERY 2:30 Foam Rolling Quad / IT (L) 2:30 Foam Rolling Quad / IT (R) (No Measure) Wednesday 012920 Workout EMOM x 18 MINUTES MIN 1 - 3 Hang Power Snatch (Building) MIN 2 - 9, 12, or 15 Toes to Bar MIN 3 - 9, 12, or 15 Hand Release Push-Ups *Athletes can choose which rep scheme they follow in the bodyweight movements. Power Snatch starts light then can build every round or every other round. (Score is Load) FINISHER 3 SETS 12 Barbell Bent Over Rows (Moderate) 1:00 Hollow Flutter Kicks (No Measure) Thursday 013020 Workout EXTENDED WARM-UP 3 SETS 50' Slow Table-Top Bear Crawl (aka Quadruped)* *5 Strict-Up Downs after each set. 1 Rep of Strict Up-Down is... 1 Air Squat Down 1 Sprawl Back to Plank :01 Pause in Plank 1 Sprawl Up to Squat 1 Air Squat Up (No Measure) WORKOUT 5 SETS* 20 Slam Ball (20/10) 20 DB Suitcase Lunge (35/20)|(20/10) 20/15 Cal Bike -Rest 2:00 b/t Sets- *Athlete must pick any (2) sets of the (5) total and perform 30 reps of the Slam Ball & 30 reps of the Lunge. No change to Cals. For example, athlete can choose Set 1 and Set 3 for the 30/30 or Set 2 and Set 5 for the 30/30 or any other combo. The three remaining sets are performed as written. (Score is Total Time) Friday 013120 Workout STRENGTH 3-3-3-3-3 Strict Press *Start moderate and build to heaviest set of 3. (Score is Weight) WORKOUT FOR TIME 2 ROUNDS 15 Push Press (115/75)|(75/55) 25 Box Jump (24/20) -Rest 1:00- 1 ROUND 30 Push Press (115/75)|(75/55) 50 Box Jumps (24/20) (Score is Total Time)

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