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Monday 121519 Strength/Skill ON A 15:00 RUNNING CLOCK... Build to 1RM Push Press* *Retest of 1RM from beginning of Wendler Cycle Workout BENCHMARK WORKOUT "PUSH. PULL." FOR TIME* 3-6-9-12-9-6-3 Push Jerk (155,105)|(135,95) *15 Cal Row After Every Set -15:00 Hard Cap- OPTIONAL COOL DOWN FOR RECOVERY 3:00 Foam Rolling Upper Back / Lats 3:00 Foam Rolling Inner Thighs / Quads Tuesday 121619 Strength/Skill EXTENDED WARM-UP EMOM x 8 MINUTES MIN 1 -- 5-8 DB Renegade Rows* MIN 2 -- :20 Hollow Hold / :20 Hollow Bar Hang *1 Rep = Push-up + Row L + Row R Workout AMRAP x 20 MINUTES 5 Strict or C2B Pull-Ups* 10 Hand-Release Push-Ups 15/12 Cal Bike *Athlete choice each round on Strict or C2B Pull-Ups Wednesday 121719 Strength/Skill ON A 20:00 RUNNING CLOCK... Build to 1RM Front Squat* *Retest of 1RM from beginning of Wendler Cycle Workout BENCHMARK WORKOUT "SPEED DEMON" 3 ROUNDS FOR TIME 30 Single DB Front Squat (35/25)|(25/20) 30 Up-Downs -8:00 Hard Cap- Thursday 121819 Workout EMOM x 15 MINUTES MIN 1 - MAX DB Box Step-Overs (40/30)|(30/20)/(24/20) MIN 2 - MAX Double Unders MIN 3 - MAX Weighted Plank Hold (45/35)|(35/25) *:50 work / :10 rest for all working minutes. **If you have a weighted jump rope, use it. For all athletes, add additional load to the plank hold. PARTNER FINISHER IN TEAMS OF 2... AMRAP x 6 MINUTES Weighted Sit-Ups (30/20)|(20/10)* *Hold single DB across chest. P1 works for minute 1 while P2 holds P1's feet. P2 works for minute 2 while P1 holds P2's feet...and so on alternating minutes until the end of the AMRAP. Friday 121919 Strength/Skill EXTENDED WARM-UP ON A 10:00 RUNNING CLOCK... Build to "Heavier" Single Squat Clean and Jerk* *Immediately before workout, build up quickly to 15-25% heavier than workout weight Workout BENCHMARK WORKOUT "CALIFORNIA LOVE" FOR TIME 30 Squat Clean & Jerk* (155/105)|(115/75) *Athletes must perform 5 burpees after every 5 reps of C&J (6 rounds of 5+5). Workout ends with the 5 burpees after the 30th rep. COOL DOWN FOR RECOVERY 5:00 Foam Rolling* *Focus on quads and hips

ATG 45

Dont forget there is no ATG 45 this week! **Pay attention for a christmas week schedule!

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