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Food Tip Friday

Competition Nutrition

Thought I would post this a little early so everyone that is competing this weekend would have plenty of time to prepare!

Night Before a Comp

If you are NOT on my team I would highly recommend that you go out to your favorite Mexican restaurant. Eat multiple baskets of chips and order the hottest thing on the menu. Make sure you chase it down with two fish bowl margaritas! ( That's the real secret ) For the day of competition I would swing by KFC on your way in and grab a bucket of chicken, extra crispy, with all the fixings for you and your partner to share. Boom thats it! LOL

Alright all jokes aside please don't do any of that. Eat normally the day before a competition with one exception. If you don't think you will be able eat a normal breakfast the morning of because of nervousness, you may want to consume a little more the night before. Then have a lighter snack and protein shake.

Pay attention to your hydration ahead of time.


Do your best to eat at least 3 hours before the comp starts. Concentrate on eating good Carbs, moderate protein, and lower fat. The carbs are to make sure your energy stores are full and to enhance your mental focus. Do not eat anything high in fat. It takes a while for fats to digest and you do not want to hear 3...2...1... and feel your breakfast sloshing around.

Snacks between Events

Make sure you pack the night before! Pick a few from the list. You want to stay around a 2:1 ratio between carbs and protein.

  • Whole Food bars

  • Fruits

  • Nuts, trail mix or granola bars, if you have longer wait in between events

  • Deli meat chicken is a favorite of mine

  • Sip on a protein shake

  • Pack some water

The one thing you don't want to forget is your positive attitude. Your mental health is just as important as what you ate the night before. Yes, we are all extremely competitive but don't let the person beside you pace your workout. Fall back on your training when it is go time. Visualize yourself completing each movement successfully. Think of it as another day training with your buddies, and its all for a good cause.

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