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Mon (Dec 12th)

Power Snatch Every 90sec x 6 50 Double Under 3 Power Snatch Start at 55-60% and build

Big Pull AMRAP - Rounds and Reps 8min AMRAP 15 Sumo Deadlift High Pull 75/55 8 Lateral Burpee Over Bar 15 Push Press 8 Lateral Burpee Over Bar Fitness: KB for SDLHP Burpee DB(2) Push Press RX+: 95/65

Tue (Dec 13th)

Front Squat In 20min Find a 1RM

Double Down 2 Rounds For Time 25/20 Cal Row/Ski 25 Push Up 25 T2B 400m Run 14min Cap Fitness: 18/16 Cal Sit-Ups RX+: 15 Strict HSPU

Wed (Dec 14th)

Cobb Salad (No Measure) 25min EMOM - 2 Rope Climb - 20sec Assault Bike - 40sec KB(2) Front Rack March (Stationary) - 10-15 DB(2) RDL - 24 MB Russian Twist

There's no rest break in the EMOM so make sure the weights you choose allow you to get at least 20sec rest before the next round.

Thurs (Dec 15th)

KB's Revenge (AMRAP - Reps)

24min AMRAP Buy In: 1000/800m Ski

-Into- 50ft Handstand Walk 16 Box Jump Overs 24/20 18/15 Cal Bike 16 Pull Up Fitness: 800/600m Ski :45 HS Hold, Plate Hold

Ring Row RX+: 8 BMU

Fri (Dec 16th)

Split Jerk

6x3 Start light and build

The Good Ole Days

3 Rounds For Time 30 Wall Ball 20/14 10 Power Clean 135/95 11min Cap Fitness: KBS (Moderate-Heavy) RX+: 165/115


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