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Mon (Nov 28th)

Front Squat Week 3 of 4 3x4 at 70% 2x3 at 85%

Meat Sweats (Time)

For Time

60 Wall Ball 20/14

600m Run

40 Wall Ball

400m Run

20 Wall Ball

200m Run

16min Cap

Tue (Nov 29th)

Clean and Jerk 10min EMOM 1 Power Clean + 1 Push Jerk Start at 65-70% of 1RM C+J and build to a heavy single.

Chicken Tender Sub (Time)

4 Rounds For Time

14 Lateral Burpee Over Bar

14 Deadlift 135/95

14 Push Up

7 Power Clean

13min Cap


DB(2) Deadlift and Power Clean



7 Strict HSPU


Wed (Nov 30th)

Mid-Week Happy Hour (No Measure)

30min EMOM - 20sec Max Cal Assault Bike - 20 Med Ball Sit-Up

- 6-12 Strict Pull Up - 10-15 DB(1) Skull Crusher - 10-15 Heel Elevated Squat w/ 2-3sec Tempo Up - Rest

The pace on the Assault bike is up to you. If you want to get after it today, rev it up! DB Skull Crushers are with 1 DB but holding it with both hands. Heel elevated Squats can be weighted or unweighted.

Thur (Dec 1st)

The Last Snow (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

24min AMRAP 18/14 Cal Ski 15 Box Jump 24/20 10 25ft Shuttle Run 20/15 Cal Bike 15 T2B 10 25ft Shuttle Run Fitness: Kipping Knee Raise RX+: 30/24

1 Shuttle Run = 25ft 25ft = 1 Rep

Fri (Dec 2nd)

Hang Snatch

In 12min build to a Heavy 3 Rep (Unbroken) for today. Shiner (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps) 8min AMRAP 40 Double Under 12 OHS 75/55 8 Ring Dip Fitness: 60 Single Under 12 Front Squat 12 Push Up RX+: 40 Double Under 12 OHS 115/85 4 RMU


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