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Mon (Oct 17th)

Back Squat (Every 90sec x 7 perform 3 Reps) Start at no lighter than 50%

Blessing in Disguise

For Time: 20/18 Cal Bike

10 Front Squats

10 Burpees over the bar

20/18 Cal Bike

Tue (Oct 18th)

Aaron’s Playlist (No Measure)

25min EMOM - 12 DB Bench Press - 12 Barbell Bent Over Row - 10/10 DB Strict Press - 7-14 Strict Pull Up - Rest

Choose your weights but ensure you are not working all the way up to the next minute.

Wed (Oct 19th)

Cowboy Emo (Time) For Time 12-9-6 Devils Press 35/20 Alternating DB(2) Box Step Up 24/20 6min Cap RX+: 50/35

Core Time (No Measure) 4min TABATA - Side Plank Left - Leg Levers - Side Plank Right - Hollow Hold 1min Rest 4min TABATA - Glute Bridge Raise Right - V-ups - Glute Bridge Raise Left - Arch Hold (Superman Hold)

Thursday (Oct 20th)

Dos Chalupa

Thursday Partner Workout! 3 Rounds: Run 200m (together) 40 DB Snatches 50/35

60/50 Calorie Row

40 Push Ups

60/50 Cal Bike

30:00 Cap



Hand Stand Pushups

Fri (Oct 21st)

Clean and Jerk (12 Minutes to build to a tough single for the day. ) Go by feel, and work to whatever feels best. Any style of clean or jerk is cool.

Sunflower (Time) 3 Rounds For Time: 50 Double Under 15 Pull Up 12 Thruster 95/65 Fitness: :45 Jump Rope 15 DB (2) Bent Over Row 20 Wall Ball Rx: 10 Ring Muscle Up 135/95


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