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Monday (Sep 6th) Labor Day Workout

Tuesday (Sep 7th)

STRENGTH: Back Squat -5 reps @60% -5 reps @65% -3 reps @70% -3 reps @75% -2 reps @80% *stick to the percentages **work on speed and form

WORKOUT: 3 Rounds For Time: 500m Row 400m Run -Rest 3:00 b/t rounds-

Wednesday (Sep 8th)

“Movement of the month Re-Test” Power Clean -1RM “Grace” For Time: 30 C&Js @135/95lbs *Use the same weight you used at the beginning of the month.

Thursday (Sep 9th) STRENGTH: Every 0:30 x10:00: 1 Power Snatch *Add weight at the 5:00 mark **smooth singles here stay consistent

WORKOUT: Every 3:00 x5 Rounds: 60 DUs 12 Power Snatches @95/65lbs 8-9-10-11-12 Bar Facing Burpees *Add 1 Burpee each round but make sure you always get at least 45-60 seconds of rest.

Friday (Sep 10th)

WORKOUT: For Time: 500/400m Row 21-15-9 Deadlifts @315/225lbs *15:00 Time Cap


4 Rounds For Quality: 0:30 HS hold 20 Hollow Rocks 15 Inverted Rows


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