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Front Rack Lunge

4 x 12 (alternating)

Weight should feel moderately heavy for your first set. Stay or build

Kettle Bombs

4 Rounds

15 KB(2) Front Squat

15 KB(2) Deadlift

15 Glute Bridges

12 Box Step Ups



Hang Clean


Work at 75-80% for all sets

Weight should challenging but not a 3RM

Rest 1-1:30 after each set.

Power or Squat


5 Rounds For time

8 Hang Power Clean 135/95

16 T2B

100m Run

14min Cap

Fitness: DB(2) Hang Power Clean

Knees to Chest

RX+: 155/105

20 T2B



Bench Press

Week 3 of 5


Start at 65-70% and end around 80%

Traps for Days and Boulder Shoulders

3 Rounds of

3 Super Set

15 DB(2) High Pulls (Heavy)

30 Banded High Pulls (Light)

Rest 1min

---Straight into---

3 Sets

Max Reps (Each Arm) Kneeling Single - Arm DB Press

Rest 90sec after each set (both arms completed)



Two Tone

30min AMRAP

400m/300m Ski

60 Double Under

500/400m Row

20 Box Jumps

20/16 Cal Bike

30 Russ KBS 53/35

RX+: 70/53



Power Snatch

Every 90sec x 6

2 Power Snatch 80-85%

One weight for all 6 sets Touch and Go or singles

Well Then...

For Time

30/24 Cal Assault Bike

40 Sit-Up

20 Snatch 115/80

8min Cap


40 Alt DB Snatch


20 Snatch 135/95

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