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June Sunsets Bench Press 5 x 5 @ moderately heavy weight *rest :90-2:00 between sets into: Superset: Box Dip x 12 Push Up x 12 x 3-4 sets Complete all 5 sets of bench presses before moving into the superset.

Kore Kash Out (No Measure) TABATA x 4 Minutes: -Plank -Medball Russian Twists



Back Squat

Find 1RM 20min Cap

If you do not wish to test your back squat today, complete the following: 6x5 Start at 65% and build

Cow Tippin' (Time) For Time: 20-15-10 Hang Power Clean 95/65 15-25-35 Wall Ball 20/14 Fitness: 20-15-10 Kettlebell Swing 15-25-35 Kettlebell Goblet Squat Rx +: 135/95 & 30/20 Cap = 10 Minutes



Tow Trucks Strict Pull-Up 5 x 5-8 @ moderately challenging effort (banded, or add weight) *rest :90-2:00 between sets into: Superset: Banded Barbell Bent Over Row x 12-15 Sandbag Bearhug Slow Carry x 100' x 3-4 sets Similar session to Monday, but we are pulling instead of pressing.

Burn It Down (Time) Partner Workout: (Teams of 2) For Time: 80/65 Calorie Ski 200m Famers Carry

30 DB/KB (1) Box Step-ups

200m Farmers Carry

80/65 Cal Row



Apologize, It's Too Late To (Time)

2 Rounds For Time: 25/20 Calorie Bike 50 AbMat Sit Up 40 Push Up Run 400m 60 Double Under 3 Rope Climb Fitness: 100 Single Under Rx +: 12 Ring Muscle Up Cap = 25 Minutes



Elevated Deadlift *Loaded Barbell sits on blocks or plates to make the bar sit just below the knees. 5x5 Start around 65-70% and build as you go.

... Why? (Time) 3 Rounds For Time 20 Alt DB Snatch 35/20 20 DB(1) Front Squat 14/10 Cal Ski 10min Cap **DB Front Squat Standard: 1 Head of DB must be on the shoulder (not chest or back) and one hand must be fully gripped on DB Handle** Fitness: 20 Alt Hang DB Snatch 30 Air Squat 12/8 Ski RX+: 50/35 Single Arm DB Overhead Squat


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