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Mon (Jan 9th)

Tempo Deadlift 4x4

@ 60% - 65% of 1rm 3sec Tempo down with making little to no sound when the plates touch the floor (You may build as you go but only if you can hold the Tempo)

Will Ferrell (Time) For Time 21-15-9 Hang Power Clean 115/85 Pull Up 12-9-6 Power Clean C2B 11min Cap Fitness: KBS Ring Row Jumping Pull Up RX+: 155/105

Tue (Jan 10th)

Will Smith (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps) 14min AMRAP 16 SA DB STOH 50/35 200m Run 8 Burpee Box Jump Over 24/20 20 Wall Ball 20/14 Fitness: 35/20

Burpee Box Step Over RX+: 70/50

Back Squat

3x8 Work at 70-75% for all 3 sets

Wed (Jan 11th)

Cardio Pump (No Measure)

Every 90sec x 20 (4 Rounds) - 12 Bench Press (50-60%) - 15/12 Cal Row - 7/7 SA DB Curl to Press - 15/12 Cal Ski - 20 Sit-Up

Mid week pump session with some cardio to keep the heart rate up!

Thur (Jan 12th)

Flight School (Time)

Every 5min x 6 100m Run 50 Double Under 3 Wall Walk 12/10 Cal Bike *Score is slowest Round* Fitness: 75 Single Under 6 Plank Up Down RX+: 4 Wall Walk 75 Double Under

Fri (Jan 13th)

Snatch Week 3 of 4

10min EMOM

1 Snatch 85%

Same weight for 10min.

Boop 4 Rounds For Time 10 Thruster 115/85 15 T2B 10min Cap Fitness: DB(2) Thruster Kipping Knee Raise RX+: 135/95 20 T2B

Rounds should be around 2min or less


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