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Mon (Jan 2nd)



Tue (Jan 3rd)

Glass Penguin (No Measure)

25min EMOM - 4 Wall Walk - 20sec Bike Sprint - 45sec SB Bear Hug Hold - 100ft Single Arm Farmers Carry - 10-15 Barbell Bicep Curls

Wed (Jan 4th)

Back Squat

5x5 Start at 60-65% and build


10:00 AMRAP

8 Deadlifts 225/155

8 Toe to bar

12 Strict HSPU


8 Deadlifts 155/105

12 Sit Ups

12 DB Strict Press

Thur (Jan 5th)

Name of The Game (Time)

For Time

50/40Cal Bike

*Every 3min: 15 Wall Ball 20/14

1000/800m Row

*Every 3min: 10 Box Jumps 24/20

800/600m Ski

*Every 3min: 2 Rope Climb

30min Cap

*Workout Starts on NON machine movements *If you complete your distance on the machine before the next 3min mark, start working on the next machine.


10 Step Ups

4 Rope Pulls

Fri (Jan 6th)

Snatch -Week 2 of 4

10min EMOM

1 Snatch 80% *same weight for 10min

Friday Feelings (Time) For Time 10 Snatch 135/95 20 C2B 30 Bar Facing Burpee 20 C2B 10 Snatch 14min Cap Fitness: 20 Alt DB Snatch (Light to Moderate) 20 Pull-Up or Ring Row 30 Burpee RX+: 185/125


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