Monday 042919 Workout AMRAP X 7 1,1,1...2,2,2...3,3,3... DB Burpee DB Hang Power Clean DB Front Squat (35/25)I(25/15) Rest 2:00 AMRAP X 5 1,1,1...2,2,2...3,3,3... DB Burpee DB Hang Power Clean DB Front Squat (35/25)I(25/15) Rest 2:00 AMRAP X 3 1,1,1...2,2,2...3,3,3... DB Burpee DB Hang Power Clean DB Front Squat (35/25)I(25/15) Tuesday 043019 Workout EMOM X 21 Min 1 - 18/16 Cal Row Min 2 - 12 Shuttle Runs Min 3 - 10 V-Ups + Max Effort Plank Hold in remaining time Posterior Pump 2 Sets 20 Single Leg Hip Thrusts (L) 20 Single Leg Hip Thrusts (R) 1:00 Glute Bridge Hold Rest b/t sets Wednesday 050119 Strength/Skill On a 20:00 Clock Establish 1 Rep Max Snatch Workout For Time 10,9,8,7...1 Hang P


Monday 042219 Strength/Skill Extended Warm Up Build to Workout Weight for Deadlift Workout 5 Rounds 1:00 Deadlift (275/185)I(185/125) 1:00 Max Cal Row/ Bike 1:00 Ring Dip Cool Down Group Mobility *Hips, Hammies, and quads! Lets open up that posterior chain and prep for tomorrows squatting! Tuesday 042319 Strength/Skill On a 20:00 Running Clock Build to Heavy 2 Rep Back Squat Workout "Give" AMRAP X 12 3,6,9,12,15... Toe to Bar Thruster (95/65)I(65/45) Box Jump Wednesday 042419 Workout 4 Rounds For Time 600m Run 16 Single Arm DB Burpee (50/35)I(35/20) 16 Single Arm DB OH Lunge 16 Single Arm DB Snatch *All Movements are 8 on one side then swap to 8 on the other side! Optional Guns Finisher 3


Monday 041519 Workout Team Workout Teams of 3 On a 16:00 Running Clock... Build to a Heavy Set of 3 Strict Press *Score is combined highest weight of all three athletes. -Rest 5:00- AMRAP X 14 Max Cal on Bike/Rower Score is total calories. Athletes can rotate in any order *One Person Runs 200m Run at all times Tuesday 041619 40-30-20-10 KB Front Rack Lunge (55/35)I(35/25) 15-15-15-15 Pull Ups 20-15-10-5 Burpees to a Bar Wednesday 041719 Strength/Skill Extended Warm-Up On a 10:00 Running Clock Build to "Heavier" Single Squat Clean and Jerk *Immediately before workout, build up quickly to 20-30% heavier than workout weight. Workout "California Love" For Times 30 Squat Clean & Jerk (155/105)I(1


Monday 040819 On a 15:00 Running Clock Build to a 5 Rep TNG Power Snatch Workout AMRAP X 10 30 Dubs or 100m Spring 10 Power Snatch (95/65)I(75/55) *Athlete Choice Tuesday 040919 Workout 6 Sets AMRAP X 3 4 Burpee Box Jump Over 4 C2B Pull-Ups Rest 1:00 b/t Set Core Finisher 3 Sets 15 V-Ups :30 L side plank :30 R side plank 30 Russian Twist :30 Hollow Hold Wednesday 041019 For Time 1k Row Rest as needed AMRAP X 7 2 Front Squats (185/105)I(135/95) 4 Handstand Push Ups Post Workout Strength 2 Sets Max Front Squat Thursday 041119 Strength/Skill EMOMX8 1 Strict MU or 3 Strict MU Transitions Workout AMRAP X 15 60 KB Swings 50 Cal Bike/Row 40 TTB 30 Power Clean (135/95)I(95/65) 20 Muscle Ups (Bar or

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