ATG 45

Coming soon in August 2019 @ 9:45

ATG CrossFit is proud to introduce a new class, ATG 45. This 45 minute class will be geared towards men and women of all ages and levels who are looking for a fun, quick, high energy workout, without the emphasis on Olympic lifting.


How is this different from our normal CrossFit Classes?

Movements will not be as technical. WODs programmed for this class are designed in a manner that anyone who is looking to better themselves physically will be able start classes immediately, without the need of our Fundamentals class.


What type of movements will I be doing?

Simple body weight movements, light resistance training, rowing, biking and running. Equipment that will be used will include: dumbbells, kettlebells, abmats, plyoboxes, rings, light barbell, wall balls. 

Please know that any movement can and will be modified to meet your needs.


How will ATG 45 flow?

  • Briefing from your Coach

  • Warmup

  • Movement review and practice

  • Workout

  • Finisher/cool down

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